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This section is devoted to bin-ends that we will offer from time-to-time - mainly older vintages from growers whose new(er) wines we have recently added, along with the occasional discontinued line. All will still be good to drink, and some may even repay further keeping. But sometimes we just need to trim the list down a little, otherwise it becomes too unwieldy! These wines are offered at significant savings on the original retail prices and most are available only in very small quantities.

Domaine de La Garance A Clara Blanc 2014 Vin de France
Domaine La Garance A Clara White 2014
Region From the hills above Bédarieux, northern Languedoc
Colour/Style Dry white - medium bodied, aged in vat
Grapes 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Seafood/shellfish, baked fish, spicy Asian food, aperitif
Next day
Even better on day 2
Drink Now, or over the next 2 or 3 years
Ultra-pale, bright, limpid straw colour with orange glints. Citrus and apple aromas and flavours, with hints of garrigue herbs, lime oil, wet stone and iodine. There's a rush of citrus and rhubarb - really quite mouth-wateringly fresh and zingy, tightly-wound and almost tart to begin with, but it settles down and becomes more rounded and integrated with air. It is made in a gently (and deliberately) oxidative style, with nutty, herby aromas and flavours adding complexity. If you are looking for a typically rich Languedoc Chardonnay, then you are looking in the wrong place. This is delicate, tightly-wound, tongue-tingling stuff, with a touch of genuine elegance, perhaps more in the way of a young, un-oaked Jura Chardonnay, a Jurancon Sec or even a bone-dry Riesling. Pure as spring water and chock full of steely minerality and juicy citrus, with a long, dry yet juicy finish. And just 12% abv.
Normally £11.99 - Bin-end price £9.95. 13 bottles available.


Price:  £9.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Chateau Rives-Blanques Occitania 2012 Limoux
Chateau Rives-Blanques Occitania 2012

Region From the hills surrounding Limoux
Colour/Style Dry white, fermented and aged in oak barrels
Grapes 100% Mauzac
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Fish, shellfish, white meats, cold cuts
Next day
Still very good
Drink Now or up to 2017
An intriguing and rather delightful nose, combining spiced lemon, apple and raisin aromas with notes of honey, orange blossom, mixed herbs and a subtle whiff of oak - like summer in a glass! And whilst Mauzac is typically rather neutral, in terms of fruit aromas/flavours, this one has plenty on show, with bags of zesty citrus and white fruit flavours on the palate, wrapped around a core of tangy acidity, with a definite streak of stony minerality and just the merest hint of oak adding a touch of honey-like richness and texture. A really rather lovely surprise.
Was £12.95 - Bin-end price £10.99. 4 bottles available.


Price:  £10.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


l'Argentier Aramon Vieilles Vignes Rosé 2014 Vin de France
l'Argentier Aramon 2014

Region Sommières, in eastern Languedoc
Colour/Style Dry rosé, medium bodied, aged in vat
Grapes 100% old-vine Aramon
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Grilled vegetables, cold cuts, salads, pizza
Next day
Still good
Drink Now or over the next couple of years
Lovely aromas of red fruits and herbs, with hints of white fruits, roasted meat and fennel. The palate is soft and luscious, unlike many others of its kind, with flavours of ripe eating apples, raspberry, redcurrant and peach, together with a delightfully creamy texture and perhaps even a touch of grape tannin. And whilst there is plenty of juicy acidity on offer, there is nary a hint of the bitter pithiness one often finds in so many rosés. A lovely, gentle, yet surprisingly complex rosé.
Was £11.99. Bin-end price £8.95. 7 bottles available.


Price:  £8.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Domaine Turner Pageot 48H 2013 Vin de France
Turner Pageot 48H 2013

Region Gabian, north of Pézenas
Colour/Style Dry, deeply-coloured rosé or "clairet" 
Grapes 60% Grenache, 40% Syrah
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Cold cuts, light meat dishes, grilled sardines, curries
Next day
Still fine
Drink Now, or over the next 3 to 5 years
Clairet is a term the Bordelais use for a light red wine, or a very dark rosé. The method is basically saignée (the free-run juice) but taken only after an extended 48 hour maceration (hence the name 48H). The colour is more of a bright ruby red than rosé ,and indeed it is closer in style to a red wine, with masses of juicy redcurrant, raspberry, orange and garrigue herb aromas and flavours, genuine body and depth and even a modicum of tannin. Deliciously ripe and rounded, with a hint of peachy richness, but with enough acidity and grip to make it a perfect match for many different dishes. A delicious wine. Certified organic and biodynamic.
Normally £11.30. Bin-end price £9.50. 2 bottles available.


Price:  £9.50 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Domaine de La Marfée Della Francesca 2012 Languedoc Saint Georges d'Orques
Domaine de La Marfee Della Francesca 2012

Region Saint Georges d'Orques, west of Montpellier
Colour/Style Dry red - medium-to-full bodied
Grapes 80% Mourvedre and 20% Syrah
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Red meats, stews, game, duck
Next day
As good
Drink Now, or over the next 8 to 10 years
Semi-transluscent deep-ish purple colour with a narrow rim. Yet again, we have that wonderful trademark Marfée nose of blackcurrant leaf and fruit pastille, with hints of elderflower, polished wood, tobacco, spice, mint and a definite savoury/meaty element - not too much, mind, for the emphasis is definitely on the fruit. The palate again shows typical freshness, with citrussy acidity, grippy but fine tannins and tangy, sweet-and-sour flavours, courtesy of some intense plummy and brambly red and black fruit, again with a savoury/spicy/meaty/herby quality. The finish is very long, with those mouth-watering red/black fruits lingering for an age. This is mightily good to drink already, but will cellar well for a decade or more.
Was £19.50. Bin-end price £16.75. 6 bottles available.


Price:  £16.75 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Domaine de La Marfée Les Vignes Qu'On Abat 2011 IGP Pays de l'Hérault
Domaine de La Marfeee Les Vignes Qu'On Abat 2011

Region Saint Georges d'Orques, west of Montpellier
Colour/Style Dry red - full bodied, aged for 2 years in oak barels
Grapes 100% Carignan
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Beef, lamb, duck, perhaps even a spicy tagine
Next day
Still going strong
Drink Over the next 10 to 15 years
This is almost understated - for which read elegant and refined. The nose is charming and delicately perfumed, offering up a complex array of ripe bramble, raspberry and cherry, leather, polished old wood, orange peel, garrigue herbs and tobacco. Not rich, not overripe, not big and bold, but truly elegant - if ever a Languedoc Carignan could be compared (in structure, if not flavour profile) to a top red Burgundy, then this is it. By which I mean, if you love great Burgundy, then you can hardly fail to be won over by this. Dark summer fruit, herb and soft spice flavours combine with ripe, tea-like tannins and utterly mouth-watering, sour cherry acidity, in a wine that is - at this relatively early stage in its development - persistently drinkable and more-ish, and very long.
Normally £26.50. Bin-end price £21.95. 9 bottles available.


Price:  £21.95 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Domaine Saint Etienne Les Molières 2010 Côtes du Rhône Villages
Domaine Saint Etienne Les Molieres 2010

Region Côtes du Rhône Villages, south-west of Avignon
Colour/Style Dry red - full bodied. Aged in used oak barrels
Grapes Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Grilled or roast meats, stews, game, cheese
Next day
Even better
Drink Now, or over the next 5 to 10 years
Dark purple/cherry colour, semi-opaque. This is a big, brooding, yet complex wine, with aromas of cassis and bramble, spiced apple pie, damson and fig. Subtle hints of orange, violet, leather and toasty oak add to the complexity. The palate is rich and dense, loaded with black fruit flavours and ripe, grippy tannins and a touch of softening oak influence. A hint of dark chocolate and spice accompanies the sweet-sour fruit into a long finish. Rich and quite serious, yet with a balance and freshness that suggests a very ageworthy wine.
Was £14.30. Bin-end price £11.99. 1 bottle available.


Price:  £11.99 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Domaine d'Archimbaud Vendanges d'Automne 2007 Vin de Table de France (50cl)
Domaine d'Archimbaud Vendanges d'Automne 2007 table

Region Saint-Saturnin de Lucian, Terrasses du Larzac 
Colour/Style Sweet white dessert - full bodied. Late harvested.
Grapes 100% Bourboulenc
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Sweet puddings, fruit, soft cheese, foie gras
Next day
How about next month?! Lasts for weeks in the fridge
Drink Now to 2018
The label says "Mout de raisins partiellement fermenté - Issue de raisins passerillés". Which basically means a wine from grapes harvested very late in the season (and therefore partially raisined on the vine). There is no AOC for such wines in Languedoc, hence the simple Vin de Table denomination. No vintage is allowed on the label, but this is from the 2007 vintage. It is fashioned from 100% Bourboulenc, a grape also occasionally known as Malvoisie. This wine is a rich, shiny 24-carat gold colour with orange tinges. The nose offers aromas of bonfire toffee, candied orange peel, marzipan, fig, honeysuckle and rose, whilst the palate has flavours of autumn fruits, preserved citrus, root ginger and toffee apple, with hints of clove and cinnamon. Although lovely when first opened, it actually gets better and better after as much as a week or two, as the underlying acidity begins to integrate with the inherent sweetness. So take as long as you possibly can to finish the bottle - if you can resist - and you will be richly rewarded. A lovely wine.
Was £14.95 - Bin-end price £10.85. 9 (50cl) bottles available.


Price:  £10.85 (Including: VAT at 20%)


Domaine Monplezy Délice 2012 Vin de France (50cl)
Monplezy Delice 2012
NV - a blend of vintages, but mainly 2012

Region Pézenas
Colour/Style Full-bodied sweet/late-harvest red, aged 2 years in barrel
Grapes 100% old-vine Grenache
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Blue cheeses, foie gras, rich fruit cakes and puddings (including chocolate), dried fruits - very versatile!
Next day
Lasts for weeks, once opened
Drink Excellent now, or over the next 5 to 10 years
With a miniscule yield of just 8 hl/ha, just 1,000 50cl bottles are produced annually (if at all - in some years the autumn conditions are not right). After the main harvest, 2 bunches are left on each vine, which dry naturally on the vine, before being picked at the end of October. Fermentation stops naturally at around 15% abv. The resulting wine is then placed in 5 year-old barrels for 2 years before bottling. A beautiful dark purple colour with brick red glints, with an intense nose of preserved red fruits, prunes, fresh bramble and spice, with subtle notes of arabica coffee, nuts, and woodsmoke and just a hint of toasty oak. The palate is wonderfully complex and rich, yet beautifully poised and fresh, with fine tannins, a hint of balsamic and a very long finish. A delicious and very unusual wine - and a little goes a long way.
Normally £19.75. Bin-end price £16.50. 11 (50cl) bottles available.


Price:  £16.50 (Including: VAT at 20%)


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Our list is constantly evolving, so if you would like to receive our occasional e-mail newsletter (around 8 times per year) click the logo >>>>

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